Recording Rates/FAQ

Read below for some basic info.

  1. The base fee for one recording session is $10 (this fee covers the beginning of the session itself as well as the first hour- after the first hour, the fee is $8 per hour).
  2. You must book/schedule your session at least 4 days prior to your intended day of recording (this is put in place so we can both make sure our schedules are open for a session). Booking your session includes the date as well asyour intended time period (e.g. Tuesday from 2:00pm to 4:00pm).
  3. Try to arrive at least 5 minutes ahead of your scheduled recording time.
  5. Take your fucking shoes off before you step in the booth. You’ll regret it if you don’t.
  6. If you’ve never recorded, I’ll guide you through the process of getting a relatively recording. 
  7. Please understand that mixing takes time, so if you intend on recording a song in one day and releasing it later that night, that puts a lot of stress on me and I can’t guarantee that it’ll be done as soon as you want it.
  8. Bring your money to the studio to pay on the day of the session! If you record for 2 hours, I expect 2 hours worth of money. However, if you don’t pay at all or even pay just partially, I will still email you your final drafts of songs, but the next time you want to record, I’ll have to hold onto your recordings until I receive payment from the previous session. Remember, you may “own” your lyrics (and possibly even the beats you used), but you absolutely do not own the recordings.
  9. Once we’ve finished the tracking portion of your song, you must sit down to listen to the song in order to find if there are any mistakes you’d like to fix, as well as to guide me in the direction of any kind of “effects” you want done on a certain part of the song.
  10. do have my own beats, but these are not for free. You can purchase them at an agreeable price (the price varies, as some beats take far longer than others to make). i do not make trap beats I Do Not Make Trap Beats I DO NOT MAKE TRAP BEATS. Check my SoundCloud to familiarize yourself with the types of beats I usually produced if you’re even the slightest bit interested in getting a beat from me.

Read below for some answers to some questions that you might have.

  • Can you record me for free?

Can I? Yes. Will I? No.

  • Why not?! :(

It may not seem like it, but I’m providing a service for you. I’m using my time, equipment, and knowledge of recording in order to provide you with something. In return, I expect to be compensated for it. 

  • But your recordings aren’t even top-notch quality! >:(

I completely understand this. However, for the rates I’m charging, you’re getting a bargain compared to going to a professional studio. The whole reason I’m charging anything at all is so that I can pay for better equipment. Essentially, you’re pretty much putting back into your own product that’ll eventually get better and better (from a recording standpoint). Also, if you’ve heard anything I’ve recorded, you know damn well it’s better than all these kids recording vocals off of their iPhones with the Voice Memo app and trying to “mix” their tracks in Audacity or Mixcraft.

  • Okay, okay, I get it…. but can I at least get a discount?


  •  Why no shoes in the booth?

Just. Don’t. Do. It.

  • Hey, what if I book 3 hours of recording but I only take up 2 hours or not the full 3 hours?

For this example, if you scheduled 3 hours, but only used exactly 2 hours, then you’ll pay the initial $10 and then the $8 for the next hour. However, if you go past the 30 minute mark of the final hour, then you pay the full price. The reasoning behind this is that since you’ve scheduled your recording time, I had to clear my schedule in order to make sure that I could record you for your whole session, meaning that I had to make myself free for a certain time period in order to record you.

  • Can I bring other people along?

If they’re features on your song, sure! If they’re just here to hang out, then I’d appreciate if they did not come (unless I know them well). This is because I’d rather not have a large amount of people coming to the studio, and also because I don’t really have a lot of accommodations to entertain any guests, as the recording process can be long and guests may get bored from sitting around waiting for you.  

  • Can I get a feature from Lul Kwak?!

Probably not. 1. because Lul Kwak is no longer my stage name and 2. because I probably won’t want to rap over whatever beat you chose or what the songs lyrical content is (if it’s one of those flexing about money and weed over a trap beat, then I’ll more than likely turn down your offer. This isn’t me being vain or tooting my own horn, but I have my own preferred style and “image” I want to maintain as an artist (as unknown as I may be) and most of the people I’ve recorded don’t fit that image.)

Any more questions? If you’re even reading this at all, you’ve probably already contacted me either through a text, phone call, or email, so hit me up through one of those and I’ll answer them. Thanks for reading. (If you’re viewing this on a computer, I’m very sorry about the layout. It looks the way I intended it to be when you’re on mobile.)

- Kwaku

KOPM - Impact

Coming out 6/6/13. It’s actually done this time.

"I’m not gonna chase you ‘cause you know it’s such a waste, and frankly I’d rather take a hadouken to the face." -  lyrics from ”Three Or Four Words” by A Place In Time.
"P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thug)" - Lil B


Lil B just dropped his new mixtape “P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thug)”, and Kwaku, Oscar, and Ryan co-produced the beat for the track “Brief Intermission”. Pretty tight song, and even tighter tape. You should check it out. Also, check out Kwaku & Oscar’s soundcloud, as well as Ryan’s.

High Class Filth - Filth Y Moi


Spencer just dropped his new EP entitled “Filth Y Moi”, consisting of beats that strictly sample songs by Toro Y Moi (such as “Thanks Vision”, “Still Sound” and a few others as well). It’s a small, yet excellent collection of beats. You can download it here, and check out the rest of his work on his Soundcloud. You can also stream the EP right off of his Soundcloud by clicking this link.

Yung Pablo, Diego, and Lil Davie.
"Lil Davie Crewneck"
If we made merch, this would definitely be sold.